The trade ideas have now been updated meaning that stocks/etf’s listed in the Trade Setups category (longs and shorts) have either yet to trigger an entry or they are Active Trades that either still offer an objective entry around current levels or my be close to triggering another entry or add-on, such as the break of the next support/resistance area.

I have decided to leave some of the Active Trades on that may have exceeded their previously suggested stop level if those trades still look good at this time.  In fact, many of the Active Trades that do not also appear in the Trade Setups category are offering objective entries around current levels as well.  The following Active Trades have all recently hit their first profit targets and will be updated asap:  FRO, CLF, MDCO, GFI, & TOPS.

Below is a list of trades that I am removing from the Active Trades- Short category:

JNJ–  Dropped following entry but bounced off the highlight support level and exceeded the entry price by a fair amount.    MRK–  Hit the first target for an 8.4% gain, bounced from there before moving lower as expected and fell as much a 14.1% from entry before reversing just shy of the second and final target.  From there, the stock exceeded both the T1 (then resistance) level as well as the entry level, thereby triggering any logical stops.     NTRI–  Shortly after the June 26th video update which included NTRI, the stock printed a weekly close above both the horizontal resistance level and the intersecting long-term downtrend line resistance that it was shorted at and suggested as the stop criteria in the video (a weekly close above that level).     IWM– Stopped out as per the suggest criteria.     SWHC–  Fell about 1/2 way to the first target following the entry trigger but reversed & move back well above entry.

There are several Active Trades still under review that may be removed as the charts remain bearish for now but have been taking a long time to play out and don’t look as attractive from an R/R perspective at this time.  Therefore, as I add new trade ideas going forward, I will continue to remove the less attractive looking Active Trades and Setups.  All Active Trades that are removed, winners or losers, are re-categorized under the Completed Trades category for future reference.