THM 60 min 2THM did manage to print a 60 minute close above the 1.50 resistance level, therefore, providing an entry at the first tick of the next candlestick (1.54).  As this is such a low-priced (and again, higher risk) stock, every penny & a half accounts for a 1% gain or loss.  Therefore, I would consider using slightly higher stops than previously suggested, using no less than a 3:1 R/R to your preferred target.  Also keep in mind that although only two profit targets are shown at this time, I may very well add an additional profit target just below that uppermost horizontal resistance line which comes in around the 2.00 level.

However, first things first and that would be to contain losses if this potentially high risk/high return trade does not pan out.  Although I’ve personally taken all of the gold & silver stocks posted here recently (excluding the GDX ETF and may or may not take THM, just watching for now & would like to see a little volume start to come in), I still have my concerns about the recent breakouts reversing soon and as such, I continue to take full or partial profits on these trades at the early targets in addition to keeping my initial position size on the lighter side.