TC Long Entry Triggered, Price Targets Revised

TC daily Feb 20th

TC daily Feb 20th

The TC (Thompson Creek Metals Co.) trade setup posted on Wednesday has triggered a long entry on a break above 1.59. Both the near-term & longer-term outlook for TC was discussed in-depth in the Rare Earth Metals video which was published yesterday.

I have also added another target (T2 at 1.89) between the previous two price targets in addition to listing the suggested sell limit levels for each target: T1=1.73, T2=1.89 & T3=2.03. These price targets are set slightly below the actual levels where are reaction is expected (resistance) in order to increase the chances of a fill.

As discussed in yesterday's video, these are the typical swing targets (expected holding periods measure in days, weeks or several months) with the likelihood of additional long-term (trend trades/investments) targets to be added if I continue to see bullish developments in the rare earth stocks.

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