MIC dailyMIC will be added as a new short setup and active trade here at 54.92 as it is breaking down below this nearly 2 year uptrend.  Typically when the technicals on the broad market are poised for a potentially sharp move, as the most likely are right now, my price alerts on setups that I am tracking will start going off like popcorn. Therefore, as many of these setups that have not been previously posted do trigger trade entries, I will do my best to get a chart mocked up and posted asap but will have to follow up with the specific price targets and suggested stops on some of these later. For those trade candidates that are already posted on the site under the Setups or Active trade category (many active trades offer objective additional entry or add-on opportunities), I highly suggest that you replicate the charts that you are interested and set your own trendline or static price alerts.