The following short trade ideas have already hit one or more profit targets and/or exceeded their suggested stop and will now be moved to the Completed Trades archives for future reference as well as to make room for new trade ideas. Most of these trades were already mentioned as hitting a price target or stop-loss level but for tracking purposes, all official trades receive a front page post at the time they are removed from the Active Trades category to the Completed Trades category, where all related posts to each trade are archived indefinitely.

CNA: Fell about 2/3rds of the way to the first & sole price target before reversing & exceeding the suggest stop above 50.40 for a loss of 4%.

FIZZ: FIZZ was one of several swing trades in recent months that was a victim of what appears to be an apparent stop-raid. About a week after breaking down below the well-defined uptrend line, the stock backtested the trendline from below & had a very brief intraday rally back above the trendline that briefly exceeded the suggested stop of any move above 123.70 for a loss of 4.9%. I posted an update in the trading room at that time that the trade still looked promising & that one might consider extending the stop or re-entering the trade. Following that brief stop-raid, FIZZ immediately reversed & fell straight down to hit the first target before reversing just below it.

GRUB: Backtestest the trendline shortly after entry to exceed the suggested stop above 54.70 for a loss of 3.7%

NVDA: Shorted on a potential island cluster top formation but the stock found support on the primary uptrend line about 7% below & bounced from there, exceeding the suggested stop above 191.00 for a loss of 6.1%.

RGA: Fell about half-way to the first target before reversing & exceeding the suggested stop over 138.00 for a loss of 5.1%.

SHW: Hit the first target, T1 at 331.10, on Aug 9th for a profit of 6.1%. The stock reversed just below that level & went on to exceed the suggested stop above 362 for a loss of 2.6% for anyone holding out for T2 or did not book full or partial profits at T1.

SYK: Exceeded the maximum suggested stop above 145.50 for a loss of 2.9%.

XIV: XIV reversed after entry to briefly & slightly exceed the suggested stop above 110.85 for a loss of 3.5%, reversing once more to move impulsive lower and come within a mere 28 cents or 2/1oths of 1% shy of the sole price target of 96.67 a couple of days later.

YNDX: Exceeded the suggested stop above 33.30 for a loss of 3.3%.

ZG: Exceeded the suggested stop above 41.15 for a loss of 5.9%.

The Long Trade ideas category should be updated soon as well.