the SBH short setup was triggered friday on a breakdown & closed below both the previously posted daily and weekly uptrend lines.  based on further review of the charts combined with my outlook for the broad markets, i have added a third target (T3) at the 12.60 level, over 50% below current levels.  however, at this point with the broad markets yet to show any technical confirmation of a reversal, i currently favor the first target on this trade, which still offers a nice R/R of about 4.3:1, although a one could easily lower their stop considerably lower, say just above the breakdown level, thereby raising the R/R to T1 to over 15:1 (50 cent downside to a gain of ~7.80).  therefore, SBH still offers a very objective entry and will remain as both an active trade as well as in the trade setups category for now.