As the QQQ has now broken below the pattern, the S/T (60 minute chart) targets are likely to be hit within the next week or so.

The web server that hosts Right Side Of The Chart has been down today, causing some interruptions to the website. Although fairly uncommon, server outages do happen from time to time. As a backup, the site uses a separate server (CloudFlare) known as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). In addition to increasing the speed of the website, CloudFlare will serve a cached image or “snapshot” of the last version of the site in case the main web hosting server goes down. What this means is that we are unable to post any updates or send/receive any emails through the contact form or any of the … email addresses when the webhosting server is down. As I was busy working on some changes to the site which include the new layout to the homepage early, I just noticed about 1/2 dozen email questions which I will reply to asap now that the server is back online. (note: The first 60-minute chart was made an hour before the first, but was unable to be uploaded due to the server outage).

Among the changes to the site are the addition of our new Twitter feed on the left side of the home page. Even when if the server goes down and the CDN is serving a cached version of the site, I am able to send updates via Twitter which will show up on that feed as long as the webpage is refreshed or visited since the last Tweet was posted. For example, that Twitter feed shows a Tweet that was published about an hour before this post, alerting that the QQQ had broken below the Broadening Top pattern (the alternative entry or add-on following Wednesday’s short entry).

Also note that the Twitter feed will occasionally include additional market commentary, trade ideas, share articles and other developments that are not posted on the site. You do not need a Twitter account to view this feed as it will remain on the home page as supplement to the regular content posted on the site. I have also established an account at StockTwits: which can serve as a backup resource to upload charts & post commentary when needed. Any time sensitive commentary or chart posted to StockTwits will immediately be sent via the @RSOTC Twitter feed as well. Thank you for your patience.