NLY daily 2NLY has hit the first target for a 7.5% gain from entry just one week ago today.  Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan.

Also note that a new sub-category has been added to the Long-Term Trade Ideas section which can be accessed from menu bar at the top of the home page (Trading & Investment Ideas/Long-term Trades/Growth & Income Trades).

Growth & Income Trades are longer-term swing trade and/or investment candidates expected to generate an above average dividend yield.  As with all categories on the site, this category is not mutually exclusive.  Many trade ideas can be found listed under various categories at once.  For example, shorter-term active traders might opt to book full profits the quick one week, 7 1/2% gain on NLY and redeploy those funds in to the next breakout candidate while a longer-term swing trader, trend trader or investor might prefer to sit tight on NLY while holding out for one or more of the higher targets.  Therefore, NLY is currently assigned to all of the following categories:  Active Trades-Long; Completed Trades-Long (since T1 has been hit); Long-Term Trades-Active; Long-term Trades-Completed; Growth & Income Trades.

Once a trade has hit the final target or been stopped out, it is removed from the Active Trades category(ies) where all associated posts will be archived in the Completed Trades category (and various sub-categories) for future reference.  I find this to be a very useful tool in looking back to see how a particular security has traded in the past or how certain technical patterns played out.