The story in the equity markets remains the same: Slow grind higher with numerous sell signals on the broad markets still pending & several leading stocks still pending but yet to trigger. I’m working on publishing a comprehensive overview of global financial markets, including the US & major international equity indices, agricultural commodities, precious metals, crude oil & fixed income (bonds). Those overviews will be rolled out separately but until then, there are a few new features to RSOTC to mention.

Useful Links Page
Available to Gold members, the useful links page is a compilation of links to various websites & articles that traders & investors might find useful with categories such as; Market Data (charts, graph, statistics and much more), various Investor Sentiment links, Economic Data, Charting links (educational as well as free charting programs) & Tax Information for both active traders & investors.

The Tax Information link section includes several links that explain the criteria for US taxpayers to qualify for trader tax status (TTS), which will allow you to file as a Trader In Securities as your profession. One of several benefits to filing as a Trader In Securities is the income (profits) from trading is not subject to self-employment tax (a big savings if you qualify for TTS). The Useful Links page is a work in progress with additional links to be added in the coming weeks & suggestions for new links from members welcomed. The Useful Links page can be accessed from the main menu under the Resources tab or by clicking here.

Trading Room Block Feature
A new Block feature has been added to the trading room. Similar in function to the Mute feature, the Block feature will allow a member of the site to hide all activity (trading room posts, comments & replies) from another user of the site. This feature can be particularly useful for those that only occasional check in to catch up on the latest activity in the trading room by streamlining the content & hiding posts & commentary from those that have different trading styles that your own. Instruction on how to use the Block feature can accessed in the sidebar within the trading room under *Hiding Activity From Other Members* or by clicking here.

Upgrade From Silver To Gold Level Access
A new link has been added to the Login Welcome screen which will allow Silver members to upgrade to Gold Level access. An additional link for upgrading from Silver to Gold will be added under the Membership/Billing subsection of the FAQ page soon as well.