MNTG hit the first target (T1) yesterday to basically the penny for about nearly an 11% gain and has made a sharp bounce off that support level today.  remember, targets are levels that i would expect a reaction (counter-trend bounce) on a trade, even if the final target is a fair distance away.  with that being said, i am still short MNTG and decided not to take profits yesterday as i think this one has good potential for a longer term swing trade.  i have a standing limit order to cover this one just above T3 (and a stop at 5.28) but will adjust accordingly, especially if the broad market somehow manages to take out the previously posted resistance zone.  i still wanted to point it out since it could provide an objective short here at the converging 20 & 50ema’s (yellow and purple lines), which would also be a bearish signal if/when they cross.  therefore, i will leave this one in the Trade Set-ups category for now (as well as Active and Completed Trades).