i’ll be updating a lot of the active trades that have hit targets or stopped out over the last week or so.  MDM still looks good as it hit the first target the day after a added these sub-targets (below the pattern measurement/final target) back on feb 28th.  as mentioned in that post, these targets are usually good for trading around the position by taking full or partial profits and re-entering the position on a pullback, even if you plan to swing trade to a higher target(s).  as you can see, MDM hit my first target on feb 29th, and stopped at that level 4 days in a row, finally experiencing a very sharp pullback on the 5th day.  one could have recycled back into the long trade on that sell-off or covered a short if they reversed the long trade off the tag of T1.  next objective entry or add-on to MDM would be if/when T1 resistance is taken out.  charts in order as posted.