MDM 2nd target hit

MDM has hit T2 so consider taking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops, depending on your trading plan.  as i mentioned last night, i am going thru the existing trade ideas today to update the set-ups and active trades.  keep in mind that due to the sheer number of trade ideas on the site, i can't update every single trade.  therefore, if you noticed that a trade that you are in has been removed or re-categorized, i'll be glad to e-mail you an update with my thoughts or notes on the trade.  also note that in order to keep an accurate log of all active (triggered) trades posted here, i do not just delete those trades that are not working out.  if a trade set-up has triggered (become an active trade) and has since either hit one or more targets or failed to hit a target and either stopped out or stalled out to the point that i feel it should be removed to clear the way for other trades offering a better R/R, then i will move those trades to the Completed Trades category.  if a Trade Set-up which has yet to trigger no longer looks as attractive as a potential set-up, i will move that to the Uncategorized section.

as far as MDM, i will continue to leave this one on as an active trade for now as the chart still looks constructive for any longer-term traders/investors holding out for one of the additional targets.  however, i do suggest raising stops to assure profits as MDM is up about 18% from entry.  charts in reverse order as posted (daily charts first, last one is the original weekly):

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