The following Long Trade Ideas have either exceeded their lowest suggested stop level or no longer look compelling from an R/R perspective. These trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category where all associated posts will be archived indefinitely for future reference.

JO: Exceeded the lowest suggested stop of 20.00 on the Aug 24th meltdown. note: JO (coffee ETF) still appears to be setting up for a rally and/or potential bottom. As such, JO may be added back as a new Long Trade idea and possibly a Long-Term Trade idea soon.

GDX: GDX (or a NUGT long/DUST short alternative) was added as a long entry on Aug 21st at 15.37 and exceeded the suggest stop below 15.00 the following trading session for a 2 ½% loss.

SLW: Exceeded the suggested stops for both the Long Trade (i.e.- swing trade) and Long-Term Trade (i.e.- trend trade or investment).

PG: Added as a long at 75.29 on Aug 17th and exceeded the suggested tight stop below 74.70 for a minor loss of 0.08% two trading sessions later.

As of now, all Long Setups and Trade Ideas have been updated. Only official trade ideas are moved to the Active Trades category & ultimately the Completed Trades category, whether successful or not. Unofficial trade ideas, such as the recent USO & FXE setups, are not moved to the Active Trades category unless clearly stated that they have been re-categorized as an official trade idea. Both USO & FXE, unofficial trade ideas, were covered in the recent Global Currencies & Commodities Outlook video with USO hitting both one of the previous posted profit targets as well as a key Fib retracement level yesterday (and removed as an unofficial setup as the R/R is no longer attractive) while FXE (Euro ETF) remains an unofficial trade setup/idea, with the EUR/USD so far reversing off the expected support level highlighted in Friday’s video. I plan to have the Short Trade Ideas updated asap along with some new trade setups, both long & short.