As mentioned earlier, there are several recently stopped out long-side trade ideas that had not yet been removed from the Active Trades category.  Below is a list of those stocks, followed by the reason for their removal from the Active Trades list.  These trades, like all trades posted on the site, successful or not, will be moved to the Completed Trades category to be archived for future reference.

DRYS; stopped out on 10/31 as per the suggested criteria.

INTC; stopped out today as per the suggested criteria. (This includes both the Long Trade Ideas as well as the Long-term Trade Ideas categories).

NIHD; Hit T2 on Sept 20 where I suggested booking full profits “due to the high probability of additional downside in the broad markets”. As the stock has now fallen below the former T1 target level, it will now be removed.

PRGN; stopped out as per the suggested criteria from 10/31 (any additional downside in the stock).

PWE: actually, this one was stopped out as per the suggested criteria (a move below 16) back on Sept. 18th.