KMB Trade Setup & Entry

KMB (Kimberly Clark Corp) offers an objective short entry here on the break below this most recent rising wedge pattern with a suggested stop above 133.00 (or lower, if only targeting T1).

KMB daily June 27th

KMB daily June 27th

I wrapped up a video in pre-market today which should be posted soon. The video makes the case for a new bear market in the consumer staples sector in which the case is a made for a swing short trade on XLP (Consumers Staples ETF) as well as my top picks for individual stocks within the sector. In the video, I discuss the pros & cons of shorting the ETF (XLP) vs. the individual components of the sector with the most compelling technicals. While one could short XLP for short exposure to the sector along the diversity offered by an ETF, my personal preference is to short the individual stocks with the most compelling technicals and as such, KMB will be the first of several official short trade ideas within the consumer staples sector that will be posted. Should one decide to short the consumer staples sector via individual stocks vs. XLP, it would be best to determine your overall desired exposure to the sector (as a percentage of your total portfolio) in order to determine your position size in each of the individual components (discussed in further detail in the video which will be published shortly).

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