i’m going to do a video overview of the investment brokerage sector which should be out later this evening.  if you haven’t already done so, you might want to check out these recent posts that i made regarding the red flags waving in this key sector.  i will admit that i tend to live in a bubble, hardly watching or reading any financial media drivel, as i like to formulate a clear opinion on the markets, as uninfluenced as possible from the spin and dis-information spewed out by the mainstream media so if this has been covered elsewhere lately, please let me know as i wouldn’t mind reading up on some different perspectives.  my view has always been that charts don’t lie, people do and what the charts in this sector are telling me is not pretty.  it seems to me that all eyes have been, and continue to be on the banking sector since the meltdown in 2008 but i can assure you that the spillover and collateral effects of a collapse and deposit run on the investment brokerage sector would essentially be just as debilitating to the global financial system.

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