HSY Stopped Out- All Trade Ideas Now Updated

In updating the trade ideas, I noticed that HSY (The Hershey Company) was still listed as an Active Short trade although the trade exceed the suggested stop of 103.46 a while ago. That stop was based on a 3:1 R/R to one's preferred target with the final target, T3 at 65.00, on which the maximum stop would be calculated. As such, HSY has been correctly reassigned to the Completed Trades category.

For anyone that might still be short HSY, here's my read on the chart: HSY is most likely in the early stages of a new bear market & will likely see some or all of the previous downside price targets by mid t0 late 2016. Near-term, the stock could rally for several weeks or more as there is bullish divergence on both the daily & weekly time frames. Click here to view a live version of the weekly chart or see the static screenshot below.

HSY weekly Jan 24th

HSY weekly Jan 24th

I believe that all trade ideas are now up-to-date, meaning that any Active Longs or Shorts are still active and any trades listed in the Trade Setup category (long or short) are either potential but un-triggered trades OR Active Trades that still currently offer an objective add-on or new entry, preferable on a pullback to support (for longs) or bounce back to resistance (on shorts). As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding any of the trade ideas listed on RSOTC.  -Randy Phinney

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