HLF 120 min 2Apparently the halt on HLF was much ado about nothing.  In fact, the nearly 2 1/2 hour halt was on news that doesn’t even materially impact HLF’s financials or fundamentals.  The halt was due to KPMG resigning as their auditor since one of their partners has been fired over alleged insider trading in the stock.  HLF has resumed trading and has opened down slightly.  As this trade currently has a 13% profit from entry (much more if some or all of the 19% gain was booked as suggested when T2 was hit and HLF was re-shorted after the expected bounce), it is not at risk of being stopped out at this point.  Depending on one’s average price, stops could be adjusted to your average entry price or one could use any solid 60 minute candlestick close above the key downtrend line on this updated 60 minute chart as a stop, which would assure a modest profit based on the original entry price of 43.81.

As of now, T3 (31.30) remains my preferred target.  That target, as well as all previous notes and chart on HLF, can be access by clicking on the blue ticker symbol (HLF) at the bottom of this or any other HLF related post as well as using the Post By Symbol drop-down box on the right-hand side of the home page of the site.  This also holds true for any stock, etf, sector, or index posted on RSOTC.com.