As we still await trading to resume in HLF, I did want to share this:  As stated before, I will share my exit plan if the news is positive for the stock and it opens considerably higher.  If the news goes our way (for those of us who are short) I very well might extend my final target beyond T3, which was previously listed as the final target on this trade.  In cases like this where a stock is halted on pending news and will almost certainly make a considerable gap in one direction or the other, my preference is to cancel any standing stop-loss orders as the odds for a over-reaction when the stock opens due to order imbalances (buy orders overwhelmed by sell orders or vice versa) are high.

Every trader must stick with their own trading plan and preferred stop parameters so if your trading rules do not allow for the discretionary over-riding or modification of stops, by all means leave your stop-loss order in place.  Just remember that standing stop-loss orders are essentially converted to market orders once the stop price has been hit or exceeded.  In other words, a buy-to-cover stop-loss order on HLF set at 40 could be filled at 50, 60 or any price that the stock opens at once trading resumes.