GTAT dailyGTAT is the first of several short setups that I found when reviewing the charts of the solar sector stocks last night.  It’s been a busy day so far and I’ve been working up a chart on TAN to post but wanted to share this setup/active trade on GTAT here as it has broken below this key uptrend line and currently offers an objective short entry.  I realize that most traders have lost the will to short this market but as I go through the charts, I will continue to post the best looking setups that I come across, long or short.  Also keep in mind that quite a few of the Active Short trade are very profitable right now, many having already hit the first or second profit targets and most having topped months ago, despite the broad markets pushing to new highs recently.

With that being said, the solar sector ranks amongst my favorite sectors for short trades right now.  I plan to follow up with a chart of TAN (Solar ETF) as well as a few of my favorite individual short setups within the sector asap.  Please note that I may suppress the automated email notification feature on some of those posts as to reduce inbox clutter.  Therefore, you may want to manually check the site following the TAN chart, which should be posted shortly.  GTAT daily chart shown.  Targets levels are shown although the exact suggested profit taking levels & stop(s) will follow later.