In taking some time off this week, I just noticed that several of the active long Growth & Income Trade Ideas have recently hit an initial and/or final profit target. I have a few things outside of trading to take care this morning but will post updated charts on each of these trades later today or over the weekend. As always, all previous charts and commentary on any trade idea posted on RSOTC can be quickly referenced via the symbol tags. Symbol tags for each stock, ETF or index mentioned in a post will appear at the bottom right hand of each post (e.g. Tagged with: AAPL, $SPX/SPY). Simply click on the symbol tag in order to view all posts related to that symbol sorted by date.

The following Growth & Income Trades have recently hit an initial and/or final target & are still trading at or near those levels, for those wishing to book profits.  Although most of these trades have hit my final target & will be considered completed, most, if not all of these trades may still prove to be good long-term holds for growth & income investors who entered the trades when they were initially posted or triggered as these trades still have very attractive dividend yields. As always, consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops to protect profits once your preferred profit target(s) are hit.  More on these trades later.

AGNC- T1 hit, T2 remains final target.

FFC- T1 (sole target) hit.

JPI- T1 (sole target) hit.

NMO- T1 (sole target) hit.