Here’s a list of Gold and/or Silver Mining Stocks that, although in free fall like the entire sector, may be setting up for a least a nice oversold bounce & possibly approaching a longer-term bottoming area.  My personal plan to to use a shotgun approach, scaling into most or all of these names with very small lots over the next few weeks.  As these are not official trade ideas at this time, I do not have any specific entry or exit (profit targets or stops) suggestions yet.  These are simply some mining stocks that stand out from a technical perspective right now as many are either approaching long-term support levels and/or are forming divergence lows as all of these stocks reach rarely, if ever seen, oversold levels.  All of these companies are components of the GDX, so one could also use that eft as a proxy for beginning to accumulate some exposure to the sector, if so inclined.  Some of my favorite names in the group at this time are:


If & when we get some half-decent technical evidence of a possible bottoming process in gold and silver, I will post some of the more attractive looking charts in the sector.  Just a quick note on the SLV long trade added to the site yesterday; I continue to prefer a scale-in strategy using small position sizes and a wide stop allowance on the position.  Although SLV is now trading just below my weekly support/downside target level, overshoots of support or resistance levels are very common & almost to be expected during these types of strong momentum driven sell-offs or rallies.  As this key support level on SLV is based off the weekly chart, only a solid weekly close (end of day Friday) below that level, possibly even two or three weeks of trading below, will be my cue to stop accumulating shares and start unwinding the position.