GDX NUGT Long Entry Triggered

The NUGT (3x long gold miners ETF) conventional long entry triggered shortly after the open today with GDX moving above 14.01. On a related note, yesterday's aggressive/alternative entry was stopped out as GDX crossed below 13.50. Normally, once a trade is stopped out it will then be moved into the Completed Trades category, along with all associated posts. Being that yesterday's post included a trade on the same instrument (NUGT) with unique entry & stop criteria for each separate trade (aggressive & conventional), I will assign that post to the Completed Trade category but also leave is assigned to the Active Long Trades as well, as that post is associated with today's entry on the conventional trade.

GDX 60 minute Oct 2nd

GDX 60 minute Oct 2nd


The price target (14.76) as well as the suggested stop of 13.74 remain the same for today's new long entry in NUGT, again, with the likelihood that additional price target may be added to this trade as the charts that I highlighted in yesterday's video looked quite bullish & could result in a multi-week, multi-month+ rally in the mining sector.

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