actually, GBG hit the final target (.50) last week and bounced off it several days in a row, offering multiple exits.  therefore, although i still think this one could go much lower over time, i just don’t think the R/R warrants tying up any capital and think that i makes sense to take the approx. 25% gain and run (gain computed from the 2 posted entry prices, original and re-test).  didn’t catch this last week as i had already closed all my gold shorts and just now found it under the active trades category as i’m updating the trade ideas today.  GBG will now be moved to the completed trades category.  charts in order as posted.

remember, what sets my site apart from most is the fact that i post clear profit targets well in advance.  i do my best to follow-up on a lot of the trade ideas posted here but can’t possibly post all updates as targets are hit.  therefore, set your limit orders to sell your long (or cover a short) trade idea in advance, once you decide on the level that you are targeting to exit the trade.  i will always do my best to update any new targets well in advance or at the very least, as soon as i add a new target… never after the fact unless i missed something that i think is important even if it means closing the position right away.