FISV (Fiserv Inc) will trigger a short entry on a break below this 3 year primary uptrend line/bearish rising wedge pattern. T1 (1st target) is 54.38 & T2 (the final & preferred swing target) at 48.05. Stops to be determined upon entry but my expectation is that a breakdown of this pattern is imminent at this point and if so, my likely stop would be just over the recent highs of 66.11. If FISV were to trigger a short entry soon, this trade would offer a very attractive R/R of about 5:1 to the final target and 3:1 to the first target (where a reaction is likely).


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Back on July 22nd, FISV was recently added as both an aggressive short entry (Active Trade) at 62.30, in anticipation of a breakdown below the trendline, as well as a Short Trade setup with an initial, conventional short entry or an add-on to the aggressive trade to be triggered on a break below the trendline. With prices yet to trade below the trendline, this is really just an extension of that previous, untriggered trade setup. However, the stop criteria for the aggressive trade was a move over 64 which just recently occurred. Therefore, that trade was stopped out and moved to the Completed Trades category. However, for anyone who might have shorted FISV back then and still holds a position, this trade still looks very promising from a longer-term perspective so consider a stop slight above the recent high of 66.11 or calculated on a 3:1 R/R to your preferred swing target, depending on your cost basis for the position.