DRYS would trigger a long on a move over the 2.62 area but like all the long setups that i am adding today, their success depends largely on how the broad market trades going forward. also keep in mind that the odds of false breakouts are increased this week with both the upcoming fed announcement as well as the fact that the market will be absorbing the roll-out of the new iphone (which the latest buzz is how it is likely going to give US GDP a nice boost…talk about high expectations).   personally i think the potential for any upside in stock prices, including AAPL is marginal at best, while the downside, if the market is not overly impressed, is significant.  either way, i wanted to start sharing some additional long setups in case this market continues to move higher.  as soon as i get a chance, i will also highlight some of the more attractive short setups and active trades and possible add a few more that i am monitoring.