as i still have quite a few active trades that i plan to update, i will continue to post those updates throughout the day.  however, i will suppress the email notification feature as to prevent flooding everyone’s inbox with post notifications on trades that they may or may not be following.  i will, however, send out a post notification email later listing all the trade ideas that have been updated as heads up.  therefore, you may want to check the site from time to time today for updates if you are holding or following any of the current active trades listed on the site.  all other posts, such as market commentary or new trade ideas will continue to be sent via the email post notifications.

here’s the updated daily chart to the CUZ short trade.  currently this trade is down about 5% from entry and is has lost some of it’s “appeal” since the original post.  however, i have redrawn the upper trendline of the megaphone pattern and would consider a stop around the 8.55 (just above the recent highs) if still short.