Contact Form Snafu

To anyone who has sent a comment or question using the contact form on Right Side Of The Chart over the last 3 months, please forgive me if you have not received a reply!!

Sometime around early June, I changed the email account to which messages from the contact form are sent to from one of my personal emails (randy (at) to the email address support (at) (addresses typed out to avoid the spambots that continually crawl the web, looking for email address to relentless hammer with spam).

When doing so, I had created a forwarding filter to my primary email address, which many of you still regularly communicate with me. Somehow, that forwarding filter stopped working and although it seemed that the amount of inbound comments & question from the site had diminished in recent months, I attributed that to the fact that we were in the typical summer doldrums where trading volume drops off, not to mention the go-nowhere market that we had up until recently. Plus, I continued to receive many direct messages via my personal email address, which I have been communicating with many of you over the last several years & hence, just figured things were quieting down along with the dull market.

Although many of the comments or questions that were sitting in that un-monitored inbox were time sensitive, I still plan to respond to each message (or at least once to each person who did not receive a reply) to make sure they are aware of my oversight. This issue will be resolved going forward & again, my apologies to those who took the time to share a comment or inquire about a trade idea and did not receive a reply. It has always been a priority of mine to reply promptly to any comments, questions or feedback.

Should, for any reason in the future, you not receive a reply back within 1 business day on any questions sent via the contact form, feel free to use my personal email address at randy at right side of the chart dot com (proper characters & no spaces, of course).

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