CCE Third Price Target Hit for 20% Profit

The CCE (Coca-Cola Enterprises) Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade has just hit the third price target, T3 at 37.42, for a 19.7% gain* since the entry on December 7th. As T3 was the final target for the Long Swing Trade, consider booking full profits or at least raising stops, depending on your trading plan. The CCE Swing Trade will now be moved to the Completed Trades category while the Growth & Income Trade is still active, with two official price targets (T4 & T5) added earlier today in this post. Original & updated daily charts below.

* The asterisk denotes that the gain calculated on this trade reflects the adjustment for the dividend of 0.177 which was paid out on Jan 13th to shareholders of record on Dec 30th. CCE should also be paying out another dividend in the coming weeks.

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