ok, last one for the night.  as you scroll down on the posts, you will see that i have updated most (but not yet all) of the trade ideas that i covered in the video update on monday evening.  these posts are for the most part, in reverse order of when these trades ideas, both active trade updates as well as several new trade ideas, were discussed in the video.  although the embedded videos can be played directly from the post window on this site, i highly recommend to click the “watch on youtube” link at the bottom of the video screen.  once opened, the medium sized player works best for most desktop monitors and make sure to select “HD quality” from the settings icon, also at the bottom right of the video window.  another benefit of playing the video in youtube is that it will open in a separate window so you can view tonight’s updated static charts along with the video side by side. you can click here to view monday’s trade ideas video.

the first chart below is the screen-shot from the video showing CBG ready to break down from a fully formed head & shoulders pattern.  the pattern triggered the next day (on a break below the neckline) and continued to play out today, as show in the second chart.  there’s still plenty of meat left on this bone, as with most of the short trade ideas recently posted here but of course, the success, or lack-thereof on these trades will depend larger on whether or not the current downtrend in the broad markets continues, as i expect.  i have taken the liberty to list suggested stops on many of these trades but as i always state, stop levels will depend on your own trading style and risk tolerance so please make sure to choose a stop that you are comfortable with.