for those of you who actively take some of the trade ideas posted here, my apologies to not yet finding the time to post many new set-ups since i returned from vacation last week.  however, there are still plenty of triggered and untriggered short ideas that still offer very objective entries.  i’ve had a tough time getting the updates to the site that i am working on but once those changes are completed, i will have a single page clearly listing all trades in each category (Set-ups, Active, and Completed) by symbols with a link to all posts related to each symbol.  until then, you can scroll through all posts in each category in reverse chronological order.  today i will work on updating the categorization of all the existing posts (moving all completed trades out of the active trades category, etc…) as well as post some updates charts of active trades or set-ups that still look like objective entries.  although there are still plenty of active long trades right now, i don’t believe that there are many that are still offering objective entries so the bulk of trade ideas posted today will likely be shorts.  i do plan to an in-depth review the charts soon and should have plenty of new trade ideas to post over the weekend.  for now, here’s the updated CAT daily chart along with the previous charts.  note that i added an new uptrend line to the most recent chart highlighting the recent breakdown and re-test.  this is still an active trade (from the most recent short entry posted near the highs on 2/27) as well as a set-up as CAT will once again offer an objective entry on a clear break of T1 support.