BBBY was recently posted as a short but was premature as although the gap down below the smaller wedge was a breakdown (and quite a large move down), i should have recognized earlier this primary uptrend line that i have since added to the daily chart.  make sure to note that clean negative divergence on the indicators below as well as on this weekly chart.  the first chart is the original, showing my oversight and failure to recognize that uptrend line before posted the trade idea on such a large gap down so close to a potential key support level.  however, if anyone happened to take it and endured the appx 7.5% loss (from entry to where BBBY bounced back to put in that nice triple-top potential topping pattern, which might not have violated many longer-term swing trader’s stop parameters), you should now be back close to entry and might considered adding (or re-shorting if you stopped out above entry) once that primary uptrend line, which is also the larger wedge pattern, breaks down.  first chart is the original daily chart, the next two are the updated daily and weekly charts.