Market Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Technical analysis on the US stock market, gold, GDX as well as several sectors & trade ideas that stand out at this time. Covered in the following order are ACBFF (Aurora Cannabis), EUR/USD, (Euro & US Dollar), GLD & GDX (gold & gold mining ETFs), QQQ, SPY, XBI, IBB & GE (General Electric).

Cannabis Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (videos)

Technical analysis along with some recent developments in the cannabis sector along with some potential swing trading candidates, including buy points, price targets, support & resistance levels. Due to the large number of cannabis stocks on my watchlist, coverage of these stocks is broken down into two separate videos. The duration of each video can be reduced by increasing the playback speed (1.25x, 1.5x or 2x) in the video settings.

Long Trade Ideas Updated

The following video provides a final update to several official Long Swing Trade ideas that have either hit their final price target and/or exceeded their maximum suggested stop. These trades will now be moved to the Completed Trades category where all associated posts will be archived indefinitely for future reference. Typically, an update is posted on each trade once a profit target or the suggested stop is hit. As there were several trades that needed to be removed from the Active Trades category, most of which were already mentioned on the front page or within the trading room as hitting their [...]

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Cannabis Stock Trade Ideas & Commentary (video)

This is the 3rd of at least 5 videos that I plan to publish today covering any sectors, industries or commodities that stand out as potential trading or investing opportunities with attractive risk-to-reward profiles. As I've posted extensive coverage of dozens of individual marijuana stock setups in recent weeks, this video focuses mainly on some of the considerations & strategies to consider when trading the high-flying (no pun intended) stocks, many of which have posted double & even triple-digit percent gains in just the past few weeks or even days. Brief updated on about a half-dozen or so cannabis trades as [...]

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