Last week a new interface for Right Side Of The Chart was rolled out. As with most software upgrades, there were a few minor bugs, most which have been fixed and a few more minor programming changes or improvements that should be completed shortly. The site remains fully functional although I will continue to be preoccupied working on any final changes or new features to the site throughout the remainder of the week and as such, market commentary & trade updates will continue to be on the light side. I will continue to highlight any significant developments in the markets or trade ideas asap, both on the front page of the site as well as within the Trading Room. Private messages, emails & questions/comments posted in the Trading Room will be replied to as soon as possible & I should have 100% of my focus back on the markets & the Trading Room by next week.

Some of the new features to the site include:

  • A new, clean interface.
  • A new “Favorite” button for posts, comments, as well as anything posted within the trading room by all members. A list of the most favored posts & commentary within the trading room has been added to the Trading Room sidebar with a similar listing of most favored front page posts to be added to the front page sidebar soon as well. This should be a useful tool for those periodically checking in on the site as they will now be able to quickly view the most popular recent posts & commentary. The “Favorite” button appears just below each front page post, comment or Trading Room posts, comments & replies.
  • Each front page post will now show a list of other related posts located just below the new post. This is a useful tool for quickly referencing the previous posts on a trade idea, sector, ETF, etc..
  • The Mute feature within the Trading Room has been restored, allowing users to hide posts from other users that they do not care to follow.
  • Improved mobile site with a more clean, user-friendly interface.
  • Scroll-to-top button now appears on lower-right corner of page when scrolling down, allowing you to quickly return to the top of the page.
  • Top slide-out menu: You’ll notice a small “+” sign at the top right-hand corner of the page. Click to expand a new top menu with additional site info. That area currently has the calendar archives & most favored posts but will likely change in the coming weeks.
  • The pinch & zoom feature for charts has been restored on mobile devices with an improvement on the expanded desktop chart images as well. However, we are looking into restoring the pan & zoom feature that was previously available when viewing expanded chart images on a computer.

Some of the future improvements or features soon to be restored to the site:

  • The Live Charts page will be restored soon, along with updated annotations to each chart.
  • Expanded FAQ section along with a new interface for the frequently asked questions.
  • Increased market analysis & trade idea updates will begin starting next week.
  • SMS/Text alerts as well as on-site or browser pop-up notifications.

The details have also been finalized for the new subscription service, which will offer two membership tiers; Silver & Gold, both of which will offer monthly, quarterly or semi-annually membership terms (with discounts applied to the quarterly & semi-annual terms). Details & pricing listed below. Hover (on a computer) or click (on mobile devices) on each item to see additional details. The subscription service begins this Friday, April 1st with an introductory promotion of 50% off any membership purchased in the month of April using coupon code 50%OFF (no spaces).

Over the next few days, individual emails will be sent out to everyone that has donated to help support the cost of maintaining & improving the site. As a token of my appreciation, I will be matching all contributions made to the site by sending out a 200% credit (twice the total amount of your total contributions towards the site) which can be applied towards any future subscriptions. Those who have donated to the site in the past will also receive a 50% coupon code which can be used if/once their donation credits have been exhausted, thereby effectively extending the introductory 50% discount offer beyond the month of April (since you would most likely apply your credit, which in nearly all cases, would exceed the cost of your initial membership period). Additional details on the credits will be provided by email. As detailed in the pricing table below, some of the content & areas of the site will remain open to the public so registration is not required to continue using the site.

[supsystic-price-table id=11]