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Search Posts By Ticker Symbol Tags

All of the front page posts on RSOTC are assigned one or more “tags” for any security such as a stock, ETF, index, commodity, currency or futures contract.

For example, the tag for Apple Inc. is “AAPL” whereas the tag for the S&P 500 index is $SPX although any posts covering the $SPX will also be tagged with the S&P 500 tracking ETF, “SPY”.

Tips: *Using your PC keyboard, quickly type the entire ticker symbol (e.g.- AMZN) to jump down to that tag, then press enter once it is highlighted.

*You can also type the first letter of the ticker (e.g.- “M” for MSFT) to jump down to the tickers starting with the letter M and scroll down from there to select MSFT

* Stock & currency indexes as well as some niche categories start with “$”. For example, all front page posts with analysis on the S&P 500 Index are assigned the tag $SPX

* Futures contracts start with “/”. For example, posts covering the Nasdaq 100 Emini futures are tagged with /NQ

Sitewide Search

Site Wide Search

Use the search bar below to peform a sitewide search. Results will be listed under various categories:

*Blog Posts: all posts published on the front page of the site

*Post Comments: results for your search term that appear within the comments made below the front page posts

*Members: search for a member of the site by their username

*Activity: returns results that appeared within the activity stream in the Trading Room- exceprts are shown but require Gold level access to view full content

*Activity Comment: results that appeared within comments made under top-level posts within the trading room

*Messages: any results that contain your search term within any private messages sent to you by other members

*All: results including all of the above

Google Search Within RSTOC

Google Search Within RSOTC

Use the search box below to perform a Google search for any terms, stock & ETF symbols, chart images, etc.

If searching for a particular stock, such as U.S. Steel, which trades under the ticker “X”, do a search for the letter X in parentheses to only return results with the letter X by itself vs. any words containing the letter X.

You can also use the minus (-) or plus (+) sign before a word to exclude or include that word in your search. Additional search tips can be viewed by clicking here