Semiconductor Sector (SMH, XSD & SOXX) Price Targets

The bearish rising wedges on the semiconductor sector ETFs, confirmed with clear negative divergences are still very much intact. The yellow lines on the charts of the 3 big semiconductor ETFs; SMH, XSD & SOXX, are minor uptrend lines, each likely to spark a sell-off if/when broken. The white primary uptrend lines are much more [...]

ONCE (Spark Therapeutics) Breakdown & Price Targets

ONCE (Spark Therapeutics Inc) triggered a price alert & was pointing out as breaking down slightly below this uptrend line during the recording of today's QQQ Top 10 video, with the stock continuing to move lower since. I've added a couple of potential targets (unadjusted/actual support levels) for those that took a short position. I [...]

QQQ Top 10 Components Analysis (video)

This video begins with a brief overview of QQQ (Nasdaq 100 tracking ETF) followed by the near & long-term outlook, including some key supports, chart patterns & price targets, for the 10 largest components* of QQQ which alone account for over 50% of the returns of that market leading index. * I had mistakenly left [...]

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