TZA & IWM targets

Here are the 4 hour period charts of both TZA and IWM, which of course are near mirror images of each other.  As I expect the likely upcoming pullback to be relatively swift, I have opted to use the 3x leverage ETF as the preferred proxy for this short on the Russell 2000 index.  As [...]

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$RUT Top Ten Components

These are the daily charts of the ten largest components of the Russell 2000 Index (posted in descending order by weighting).  Rarely have I even seen such screamingly bearish patterns on nearly every top component in a major, diversified index such as this.  Of course, these stocks are also extremely overbought on the daily, weekly [...]

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Russell 2000 Scenario

Of all the major US indexes, the $RUT (Russell 2000) looks poised for the largest percentage drop.  I still prefer trading the best looking individual stock setups vs. the broad indices but if I were to pick a favorite short index etf right now, it would be either TWM (2x short $RUT) or TZA (3x [...]

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