Shorting EXPE

I am adding EXPE back as an Active Short Trade here around the 62 level.  EXPE was recently a short trade that hit the first target for a 9% gain back in late Oct and then bounced and was moved to the Completed Trades category.  I also mentioned that I still liked the pattern and [...]

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Banking Sector Correction Likely

I'm considering shorting some of the large bank stocks but I'll just share these charts as "unofficial" trade ideas for now, possibly adding them as soon as I clean up the Active Short Trades category.  I'd like to cull out some of the Active Shorts that may not have triggered a stop yet, many of [...]

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OCN Short Trade Update

The OCN short is up 11% since the recently posted backtest/add-on and still has plenty of downside left before reaching it's price target (first and final).  I've included a 4 hour chart along with the updated daily chart below.  The 4 hour chart highlights a nice ascending & slightly contracting channel.  A break below this [...]

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AAPL long update

One that I am not taking my eyes off is the AAPL long trade, which recently hit the first target (downtrend line) and as expected, pulled back and has consolidated under that level since.  These type of consolidations at resistance are typically bullish as they allow the stock to work off the near-term overbought conditions [...]

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Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball…

... That what I always tell my kids when coaching Little League.  I try to incorporate that advice into my trading but there's typically a limit to how many stocks one can successfully follow at one time before you get the proverbial "sand slipping through your fingers" from trying to hold too much.   Either way, [...]

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EXM long setup

I had planned to add EXM as a trade idea before the open today but something came up and I had to run out this morning and have been playing catch-up since returning less than an hour ago.  Normally, I wouldn't post a long entry on a stock that is up 25% but I do [...]

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NM long update

NM has impulsively broken out of a bull flag consolidation/continuation pattern which formed after hitting the first target.  As there is a thin zone between T1 & T2, this opens the door for a potentially quick move up to T2 (final target).

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