Top of AAPL target zone hit

The top of the T2 target zone on AAPL has now been hit.  As there are over 30 daily charts alone on AAPL since originally shorting it back on Aug 27th at 679.99 (plus numerous charts on other time frames), I have just included the first daily chart that was posted after the close on [...]

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LL bearish rising wedge backtest

LL is one of my favorite short trades and is current backtesting the recently broken bearish rising wedge pattern, offering an objective short entry or add-on to an existing short position.  Suggested stops remain as original posted (~10% from entry) and as this trade was originally shorted at 64.87 when it was at the top [...]

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HLF scenarios

This 4 hour chart of HLF shows the stock at a key resistance level with another resistance level (downtrend line) not too far above, thereby providing an objective short entry around current levels.  My preferred stop will be on a move 3-5% above the downtrend line with the next target TBD but most likely T3 [...]

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Where there’s smoke….

...there's usually fire.  For those who have been following the HLF trades on the site lately, you'll recall that the last update was made just a few days ago when the 2nd short trade hit T2 for another 19% gain following the 24% gain on the previous short trade that was closed out about 1 [...]

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