This video provides an overview of the near-term, intermediate-term & long-term outlook of the US stock market using both technical & fundamental analysis. The first part of the video starts out with a look at the daily time frame, outlining what I believe to be the two most probable scenarios in the stock market from an intermediate to longer-term perspective. At the 11:32 mark, the focus turns to the near-term outlook with analysis of the 60-minute charts, concluding at the 17:40 mark.

For those interested, after the 17:40 mark, I touch on today's ISM Manufacturing Index report, followed by some macro or very longer-term fundamental headwinds that the US stock market is likely to face in the coming years. The video is a bit on the longer-side so if you're pressed for time or not overly concerned with the very long-term outlook for the markets, the first 17:40 of the video covers most of the salient technical levels & developments that swing traders & investors should be aware of at this time.