The video begins with an overview of various trend indicators, nearly all of which remain bearish on both the long-term & intermediate-term time frames while bullish on the short-term frames. (start to 15:15). At the 15:16 mark, the weekly charts of several key US stock indices are covered. At the 23:49 mark, the daily time frames along with key overhead support levels as well as my own trading strategy are discussed. The video wraps up with a look at the recent developments & near-term outlook for the markets with a review of the 60-minute index charts.

Bottom line, the technical evidence still appears to confirm that the US markets are still most likely in the early stages of a new bear market at this time & the r/r remains skewed to the short-side at this time although there are still quite a few individual stocks and sectors that appear bullish at this time. There is still a good chance that we could be looking at a bifurcated market in the coming months which will favor a long/short portfolio, focusing on the most bearish & bullish sectors & individual stocks.