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    February 2017
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    US Dollar, Gold, Silver, GDX & Marijuana Stocks

    In addition to investment grade bonds (treasuries, munis & BBB+ rated corporate bonds) which were covered in yesterday's post, a few other potential bottoming plays that stand out at this time are gold, silver & the related mining stocks, cannabis stocks and some the major currencies (vs. the US Dollar) such as the Euro, Yen, [...]

    GBP/USD Outlook

    The GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar) pair appears to be forming a basing pattern (blue box) in which an upside break appears the most likely resolution. A solid break above the 1.35 level would likely trigger a move back up to the 1.40 level. The ETF, FXB, is an alternative option for long exposure to the [...]

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    Market Overview 6-24-16

    The video starts with a brief overview of the Pound Sterling/US Dollar (GBP/USD) currency pair followed by an overview of the US equity markets & wraps up with some comments on trading strategies, including some considerations on when to book profits vs. letting a profitable position run. note: It might take a few minutes after [...]

    SPY & QQQ Key Support Levels & Targets

    The markets gapped down to some pretty significant support levels today (and/or hit those levels in pre-market trading before reversing): the 203ish area on SPY & the 104.50ish level on QQQ. While this first tags of those key levels in a while is likely to produce a reaction, which so far it has, with the [...]

    GBP Near-term Scenario

    It's getting late here in the east coast of the US so I'm going to share one last chart on the GBP/USD with what I believe will be the two most likely scenarios, both of which bring the pair back up to the 1.40ish level in the coming days. I rarely ever trade currencies & [...]

    Pound Sterling at Support, Bounce Likely

    As the Brexit vote polls are still open & push to about 50/50, the GBP/USD has fallen to long-term support with bullish divergence in place. Currency traders that don't mind stepping in when there is blood in streets might consider a long position around the 1.36 level with the appropriate stops using a 3:1 or [...]

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