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    February 2017
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    Charts Indicating a Correction in GLD & GDX, Bounce in the Dollar

    Based on my analysis of gold, GDX as well as the US Dollar & other major currencies, while the longer-term outlook for gold remains bullish it appears that the odds favor a pullback in gold & the precious metals stocks along with a bounce in the US Dollar in the coming days to weeks. [...]

    Outlook for Gold, Silver, Platinum, GDX & US Dollar

    Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) & the related mining stocks have the potential be one of the more promising swing trading opportunities in 2017. Last year was marked by a very strong rally in gold, silver & the PM mining stocks that kicked off right around the beginning of the year, peaking out around mid-year [...]

    US Dollar, Gold, Silver, GDX & Marijuana Stocks

    In addition to investment grade bonds (treasuries, munis & BBB+ rated corporate bonds) which were covered in yesterday's post, a few other potential bottoming plays that stand out at this time are gold, silver & the related mining stocks, cannabis stocks and some the major currencies (vs. the US Dollar) such as the Euro, Yen, [...]

    Trend Reversal in GLD, GDX & US Dollar Likely

    Gold & the precious metal mining stocks are at resistance while overbought on the near-term time frames while the US Dollar looks poised for a bounce. As such, the odds for a pullback or correction in GLD & GDX are quite elevated at this time. This video starts with an overview of the two largest [...]

    US Dollar Breaks Out Against the Yen

    The USD/JPY (Dollar/Yen currency pair) has triggered the anticipated breakout above this bullish falling wedge, which is a bullish technical event for the US Dollar as the Yen is the second largest component (13.6% weighting) of the US Dollar Index. Horizontal lines mark potential resistance/target levels. The USD/JPY has so far played out exactly as [...]

    Time For The Stock Market To Start A Hissy Fit

    Powerful divergences still intact on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, etc... With a decent chance of a rate hike on Sept 21st, the market is likely to do one (or both) of two things: 1) throw a hissy fit before the meeting to try & scare the Fed away from raising rates, at it has [...]

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    Do You Want To Know Where Gold Is Going?

    It is clear that the recently on & off inverse correlation between the US Dollar and gold prices has once again returned, with a near perfect inverse correlation lately as the dollar & gold react to any economic releases that could impact the next FOMC rate decision. Therefore, if you want to know where gold [...]

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