Sep 222014
Global Equity Markets Breaking Down

With most of the major global equity indices recently breaking below key uptrend lines and/or bearish chart formations, complete with negative divergences in place, the U.S. markets are most likely not far behind. Most of these chart were published in the August 6th “Around the World in 60 Seconds” post and live versions of many of these charts, along with the major US indices not shown here, can be found under the Live Charts page. Remember, despite the apparent resiliency of the US markets, we […continue reading]

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Aug 062014
Around The World In 60 Seconds

I’ve added a few extra annotations to some of the global stock indices in which links to the live charts were posted yesterday. I’ve also posted some those charts in an easy to view gallery format below. Simply click on the first chart to expand, then click anywhere on the right of the chart to advance to the next one (or click on the left of a chart to view the previous chart). Live links to each of these chart are available under the Live […continue reading]

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Dec 062013
European Equity Markets Overview

Since today’s earlier post mentioning the recent bearish price action in the European equity markets, I have updated the live charts with additional commentary and downside targets/support levels.  Click to expand the first chart below & then click anywhere on the right side of each chart to advance to the next chart.  Once opened, each chart can be zoomed further by using a mouse scroll wheel, touchpad, or by dragging the lower right-hand corner of each chart.  These updated charts are also accessible via the […continue reading]

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Aug 072013

This video covers the major global equity indices on various time frames.  As this comprehensive video spans just over 30 minutes, the indices are covered the following order for those wishing to skip ahead to a particular index:  $SPX (US), $TSX (Toronto), $FTSE (London), $CAC (Paris), $DAX (Frankfurt), $AORD (Sydney), $SENSEX (Bombay), $SSEC (Shanghai), $HKHS (Hong Kong), $NIKI (Tokyo).

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Jun 142013
Global Markets Overview

Well, not exactly a comprehensive overview of the global markets as I’m about to leave town and pressed for time today but here are a few key indices with some notes and annotations.  As I’ll be traveling over the weekend, I’ll try to follow up with some additional charts either Sunday evening or early next week.

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Apr 172013
Around The World In 30 Seconds

Although it took over two hours of analysis and annotations to create these charts, with a few clicks of the mouse you should be able to travel around the world to view nearly all of the major global equity indexes from a technical perspective in under a minute.  All of the indexes below are shown with the daily time frame chart first followed by the weekly time frame, except for the $HKHS, in which the weekly chart was substituted with the more significant monthly chart.  […continue reading]

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Apr 072013
European Markets Update

So far, the European Markets are playing out exactly as expected.  These are the updated daily charts of the $FTSE & $DAX along with the previous two chart for reference (prices reflected as of Friday’s close).  These patterns are about as clean as they come as these updated charts show, the $FTSE & $DAX have a clear pattern of stair-stepping higher in these wedge patterns.  While both major indices are getting close to my first bounce targets, I do believe that those level will ultimately […continue reading]

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