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Oct 312013

After hitting (and exceeding) the first target on the large July 26th gap down, the EXPE short trade went on to move above the previously suggested stop level (slightly above T1) and found resistance not too far above. However, the stock made a large gap higher today & as such, will be removed from the Active Trades category.  As the chart still looked constructive with EXPE finding resistance (twice) at the 54.40 area, I left it on as an Active Trade and am still short the stock in one account as well.  My plan for EXPE will be to place a stop just above the 59.76 level as per my usual strategy when caught on the wrong side of a gap (which I've posted about several times in the past).  Basically, that strategy involves waiting a few minutes after the open & then placing the stop slightly above the initial reaction high within the first 5 minutes or so of trading as most order imbalances are cleared out by then.  EXPE will be removed from the Active Trade list as the technical picture is now unclear. Updated daily & 1 minute charts below:

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Aug 072013

I spent some time pouring over the charts last night looking for trade ideas.  In doing so, I came up with numerous candidates, both long and short.  Some of these trade ideas are already listed as Active Trades on the site and/or Trade Setups while [continue reading…]

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Jul 262013

Here are the updated daily & weekly charts of EXPE.  For those new to the site, keep in mind that I will often list different targets for the same trade on different time frames.  I do this because there are many different trading styles and [continue reading…]

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Jul 262013

I had mistakenly omitted the EXPE active short from the list of trades that have just recently hit their first profit target.  I have several updated charts to post, including EXPE which is trading down 25% to just below the first target of 50.55 but [continue reading…]

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Jun 122013

EXPE was added as an Active Short Trade on March 21st and as this updated daily chart shows, the stock has been stair-stepping lower since then on these “micro-uptrend line” breaks.  Zooming out to the updated weekly chart, EXPE hit the first target (weekly uptrend [continue reading…]

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Mar 212013

I am adding EXPE back as an Active Short Trade here around the 62 level.  EXPE was recently a short trade that hit the first target for a 9% gain back in late Oct and then bounced and was moved to the Completed Trades category.  [continue reading…]

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Jan 072013

In updating the trade ideas on the site, the following trades will be removed from the Active Short Trades category.  These trades have either hit one or more profit targets, exceeded their suggested (or any reasonable) stop criteria, or based on the technicals, these trades [continue reading…]

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