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Jan 222016

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Jan 222016

AAPL (Apple Inc.) has hit the sole official price target for a quick 2-day, 7.4% gain. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops if holding out for the unofficial T2 at 104.95. I also just wrapped up a video discussing the near-term outlook [continue reading…]

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Jan 202016

AAPL (Apple Inc.) offers an aggressive long entry for a bounce trade here at support with positive divergence on the 60-minute time frame. T1 (sole price target) is 100.50 with a suggested stop below 92.00.

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Sep 182015

My replies to a couple of questions today: Q: As always, appreciate your analysis and charts. I have noticed that 43/17 Weekly long term indicator is now bearish on SPY by a good margin. This indicator combined with a shooting star candle from this week, [continue reading…]

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Sep 162015

edit: This post was made on Wednesday morning, not Monday as incorrectly stated in the title. I returned home from a short vacation last night & I’ve been catching up on the charts this morning. So far it appears that we still haven’t had any [continue reading…]

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