August 2016
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NANO Trade Setup & Entry

NANO offers an objective short entry here following the backtest of this recent broken uptrend line & divergent high. NANO daily August 24th While the current final target, T2 is 18.79, an additional price target around the 17.00 support level is likely to be added depending on how the semiconductor equipment sector as [...]

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NVDA Trade Setup

The following chart & notes outline a trade setup for NVDA, NVIDIA Corporation. Please log in or sign-up for your free 3-week trial to view.

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KLAC Trade Setup & Entry

The following notes & charts outline the entry criteria, price target & suggest stop for a trade on KLAC (KLA-Tencor Corp).

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HL First Price Target Hit for a 6.5% Profit

HL (Helca Mining Co.) just hit the first target, 6.32, for a quick 6.5% profit. T3 at 4.87 remains the final target at this time although those that were only targeting a quick pullback trade to T1 should consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering stops to protect profits. HL daily Aug 23rd [...]

Agricultural Sector Trade Ideas (video)

The following video details the charts of numerous trade ideas in the Agricultural & Agribusiness sector, including MOO (Agribusiness ETF). While the majority of these trade setups are bullish, there are a few bearish setups as well. Entry levels, price targets & suggested stops are listed for many of these trade ideas & members can [...]

Market Update for August 23, 2016

Actually, the title "Market Update" isn't very accurate as the definition of the word Update (as per Merriam-Webster) is: To bring up to date. Yet, the stock market ($SPX, $NDX, etc.. has gone essentially nowhere for over two weeks now, trading yesterday at the same levels it traded at back on August 5th and even [...]

JO, Coffee ETF Bullish Falling Wedge Breakout

Member @jameske inquired about JO (Coffee ETF) in the trading room today. It appears that JO could run up to the 23.30 area following today's breakout above this 60-minute falling wedge pattern, with positive divergences confirming the bullish nature of the wedge. As the rally following today's breakout was quite impulsive, with JO [...]

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