October 2016
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Continued Deterioration In Market Breadth

In reviewing the charts of the major US stock indices, other than the fact that the markets continue appear to have stalled out in choppy, sideways range over the last 3+ months, one of the most important developments in recent months is the very clear trend of deterioration in market breadth, particularly in the leading [...]

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Tuesday Morning Comments

I'd like to thank everyone for your very kind comments & concern in response to the family emergency that forced me to suddenly leave town Sunday evening. I wasn't able to keep up with the markets or reply to any questions since the weekend but I returned home late last night & I am now [...]

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Sunday Evening Comments

Please note that I will be unable to post and market/trade updates or reply to any questions tonight & possibly tomorrow due to a family emergency. Updates & replies will resume asap. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Randy Phinney

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Betting Against the House: Shorting Casino Stocks

This video takes in-depth look at some of my favorite trade setups in the Resorts & Casino industry, outlining key technicals charts patterns, support & resistance levels, trendlines, price targets & more. Several of these resort and/or casino stocks appear poised for a drop as much as 50% or more from current levels. The charts [...]

OpEx Ramps & Fades + QQQ & SPY Key Support Levels

Over the past few years I've highlighted a fairly consistent pattern that I refer to as the OpEx ramp. As this 2-year chart of QQQ highlights, there has been a relatively consistent pattern of the market rising into standard Options Expiration (3rd Friday of each month), followed by a correction. The chart, as well as [...]

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ISRG Trade Setup & Entry

The following notes & chart outline the entry criterion, price targets, suggested stop & position size adjustment for a swing trade on ISRG, Intuitive Surgical Inc.

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WB Trade Setup & Entry

The following notes & chart outline the entry criteria, price targets, suggested stop & suggested position size adjustment for a trade in WB, Weibo Corp.

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