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Aug 162013

JPM was added as Short Setup on July 31st with an entry to be based upon a breakdown of this 14 month uptrend line.  The stock did make a solid break below that support level yesterday and moved back higher this morning to kiss the [continue reading…]

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Aug 162013

GDX closed just shy of my second target (T2) yesterday and then popped higher at the opening to hit that target to basically the cent before reversing.  As I never try to milk every last penny from a trade, I had sold the last of [continue reading…]

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Aug 152013

It’s worth mentioning that today’s large gap down on most of major diversified indices may have put Island Cluster Reversal Patterns in place.  By most definitions, these patterns are defined by an “island” of candlesticks surrounded by roughly equal gaps on each side.  Over the [continue reading…]

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Aug 152013

A “tip jar” has been added in the upper right-hand corner of the home page as an easy & secure way to make a donation to the site, for those who wish to do so.  All donations will be used to offset the cost of [continue reading…]

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Aug 152013

KGC has hit the first target (5.97) and is up about 33% from the June 26th post.  Although the chart remains longer-term constructive, the odds of a pull are starting to rise.  Therefore, consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops.

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