Updated Sept 18, 2013

When I started this site, I began working on a spreadsheet to track the performance of every trade idea posted on Right Side of the Chart.  However, that quickly proved to be a very arduous and extremely complex task.  The difficulty in tracking the performance of the trades on the site, other than the sheer number of trade ideas posted here, is the fact that most trades are assigned multiple prices targets and often various entry points as well.   For example, at times I will often use a scale-in or scale-out strategy when accumulating or closing a position.  Multiple targets are used as a quick trader may prefer book full or partial profits at one of the early price targets while longer-term swing traders might prefer to hold out for one or more of the higher price targets.

The trade ideas shared here are for swing traders, with holding periods typically measured in days to weeks (with about a three week average) as well as longer-term swing traders, trend traders, and investors with average holding periods typically measure in months and return potentials well into the double or even triple digits.  RSOTC is not a day trading site although it is not uncommon to see some of the trade ideas successfully closed out for a profit on the same day that an entry is triggered as many of the technical patterns posted here, such as bullish falling wedges, are like coiled springs.  Once the energy from the spring is released (a breakout), prices often immediately move sharply higher.

For those new to the RSOTC, the best way to get a feel for the performance of the trade ideas posted here would be to scroll down the Completed Trades section.  All trades ideas, winners or losers, are assigned to the Completed Trades category once one or more profit targets are hit or the trade is stopped out.  Complete Trades are further sub-divided by Long Trades, Short Trades or Long-Term Trades. You are also able to reference the trading history on a specific symbol by using the Post By Symbol drop-down box at the upper right-hand side of the home page.  This will allow you to view all posts made on that symbol in reverse order starting with the most recent.  Listed below are a few of the more recently highlighted trades from late 2012- early 2013.   As my main focus in 2013 has been on posting timely market analysis and trade ideas/updates with a secondary focus on continuing building out the site,  the highlighted trades will be updated as soon as time permits.    -Randy Phinney, Right Side of the Chart

PT 28.4%;  NFLX 57%;  DSX 18.1%;  X 27%;  HPQ 16.7%;  FSLR 25.5%;  AMD 26%;  AMZN 13%;  AAPL 23%;  ROST 22%;  MDCO 16%;  VVUS 30.6%;  PCYC 20.7%;  NIHD  30.4%;  EXM  18%;  BVSN  24.3%;  GMCR  66.5%;  MNTG  37%;  PBI  13.3%;  PWER  44.4%;  HL  29%;  PT  10.5%;  NOK  53%;  SSRI  24.3%;  STM  26%;  CTRN  50%