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Short Setups

Stocks in a bearish pattern formation that are poised to break-down and provide an objective short entry. Also included in this category are stocks that may have already triggered a short entry but still offer an objective entry or add-on to the position at or near current levels such as a bounce back to a key resistance level.

May 292015

Barring a reversal into the close, this 60-minute rising wedge breakdown on EA (Electronic Arts) is likely to translate into a breakdown of the large rising wedge pattern on the daily chart. Thus, EA offers an objective add-on or new short entry here.

EA was originally posted as both a Short Trade Setup as well as an aggressive entry on an Active Short trade on May 11th. As always, all previous notes & charts on a trade can be quickly referenced via the symbol tagging system. Simply click on "EA" at the very bottom of this post or use the Select Tag/Ticker drop-down box on the right sidebar of the homepage.

EA Rising Wedge Breakdown

EA 60 minute May 29th

 May 29, 2015 2:51 pm  Active Trades - Short, Short Setups Tagged with:
Apr 302015

-+*SPG (Simon Property Group), the king of REITs, offers an objective short entry here on the break below the yellow uptrend line. First target would be the support zone, followed by the white, secondary uptrend line. SPG is the largest holding in IYR (iShares US [continue reading…]

 April 30, 2015 10:04 am  Active Trades - Short, Short Setups Tagged with:
Apr 292015

-+*ALGT (Allegiant Travel) was one of the seven short trade ideas in the airline sector that were posted yesterday. The chart on ALGT looks like something straight out of a textbook on technical analysis: First, ALGT recently hit the most extreme overbought conditions that the [continue reading…]

 April 29, 2015 2:29 pm  Active Trades - Short, Short Setups Tagged with:
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